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How does it Work

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Absolute Banner Manager is extremely easy to use. Its ergonomically designed user interface makes it so easy to use, that your online advertisers will not have any problems working with the software to create and generate their own banner reports and check their banner stats.

Just paste a simple code in your pages

By pasting a simple code on your pages, Absolute Banner Manager will serve, display and rotate the banners assigned to that specific zone. You can even set banners that automatically rotate without the user having to refresh the pages and using eye-catching transitions or even pop-up windows.

By pasting code like this:

<script src="http://www.domain.com/banners/abm.aspx?z=1" type="text/javascript"></script>

Absolute Banner Manager will serve your banners like this:


Working with the application

Working with the Absolute Banner Manager is a simple 3 steps process :

Register your Advertisers

Set as many advertisers as you want and assign them a username and password. Your advertisers will be able to log into the application at any time to check their stats and generate their own reports.

Set any number of Zones and Banner Ads

Define the where on your pages do you want the banner ads to rotate, register as many banners as you and your advertisers want. Upload the ads and set the their rotation schedule. Absolute Banner Manager will do the rest!

Watch your revenue grow!

Log into the system to check your stats and reports. Check your ROI tracking, generate billing reports and forward them by e-mail. Absolute Banner Manager is now in auto-pilot serving ads on your site an automatically controlling your banner ads!

Once your ads begin to rotate on your pages you can generate reports and stats for your advertisers and charge for advertising on your site. Even better, your customers can log into the system and get immediate reports and stats on how their ads are doing!

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