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Features and Version Comparison

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Absolute Banner Manager comes packed with everything you need to rotate and serve banner ads on your web site. Its client stats are allows your advertisers to log into the application at any time to check their stats and generate their own reports.

Please note that this is not a hosted solution, Absolute Banner Manager runs under your own domain and site. You receive the full application to install under your own site and controlAbsolute Banner Manager is entirely web based, this means that you only need a web browser to access the application. Access your banner manager from ANYWHERE with web access.

Absolute Banner Manager features

Existing    Improved in V4.1   New in V4.1


Absolute Banner Manager XE V2.0 Absolute Banner Manager .NET V4.1



Database Support

MS Access & SQL Server 2000 SQL Server 2000 / MSDE 2000 or Higher

Not a hosted solution

You don't need to rely on any 3rd party company. You receive the full application scripts to install on your own site under your own domain and control!

Unlimited banners ads, advertisers and zones

Supports a virtually unlimited number of Advertisers, Banner Ads, and Zones. You can register as many as your server can handle!

Seamless Integration with your site

Your banners are displayed in zones which you define by pasting a simple HTML code on your pages. Assign any number of banners to any number of zones and pages!

Supports all kinds of ads

Easily Use graphic files (GIFs, JPEGs), Text and HTML banners, Flash ads, Java Applets, Rich Media banners, and third-party ad agency code.

Banner Schedule

Define an start and ending dates for your banner rotation. You can even have "Default" Banners to rotate when there are no active banners in rotation.

Advanced Scheduling Options

Set specific months, weekdays, days and hours for your ads to be shown. You can also define the exact time that the ad should begin and finish its rotation schedule.


Geographic Targeting

Easily target your banners by country so that only users from specific regions get shown their targeted ads.


Keywords Support

Define keywords for your ads that will trigger their display. This options is useful if you use it on a search results page to boost your target effectiveness


ROI (Acquisitions) Tracking

Check how many of your displayed ads turned into a sale. By pasting a simple code on the "Thank you" pages (after a sale or signup) Absolute Banner Manager can track the acquisitions derived from your ads.


Automatic Rotation without refreshing

Use a simple code to automatically rotate your ads without having your users to refresh / reload the page. You can even use eye-catching transitions to catch your users attention


Unique hits / clicks tracking

Have the application to track unique impressions and clicks per visitor. In this way if an ad is displayed or clicked multiple times by the same user, the stats will only count it as one.


Banner Weighting and Impressions Limit

Ads can be weighted, so some ads are displayed more often (or less) than others. You can even configure the number of impressions of each banner per day.

Automatic E-Mail Notifications

Absolute Banner Manager XE can automatically notify you and your advertisers about their expired and about to expire banners

Banner Zone Protection

Protect your banner zones from being called from external sites. Your banner can only be called from the allowed sites.


Web Spiders Detection

Absolute Banner Manager can automatically block web spiders and non-human browsers to protect your ads and stats.


HTML Code Generator and template based ads

Easily generate the necessary HTML code for your Flash and Rich Media ads. Absolute Banner Manager comes packed with several templates for easily generating advanced rich-media ads.


Supports Pop-ups

Ad a single zone code to your page to automatically trigger pop-ups for your ads. The pop-ups can even be automatically resized to fit the banner size.

Complete Stats and Reports

Advanced reporting options for you and your advertisers. Statistics are real-time and available 24x7. Each advertiser account is password-protected and reports can be viewed as HTML or exported to EXCEL.

Ergonomic Interface

Administer the application from a web browser on a 100% web based, user-friendly and ergonomic interface. Even newcomers and non-technical users will have no problem working with the application.

Browse and classify your ads with ease

You don't need to upload your banners through FTP. Do it right from the application you can even organize them in folders and subfolders.


Avoid redisplaying the ad multiple times

Option to avoid redisplaying of the same ad to the same user over a period of time.


Built-In Contact Form

Your advertisers can contact you right from within the application using an easy to use contact form.

Lots of banner properties to control

Control almost every aspect of your ads including URL, Target Window, Display Text Beneath Banner, Rotation schedule, Payments (Per Click, Per Impression, Flat Rate), Status (Active, Paused, Expired, Default), quantity purchased (impressions, Clicks), Weight, Cost and more!

Stats Tracking

Absolute Banner Manager XE maintains a comprehensive log of hits and click-thru information in the backend database for full reporting.

Report e-mailing option

The system administrator can forward by e-mail any generated report to their advertisers.


Mailing Option

Easily send e-mail to your advertisers by using the implemented mass mailing feature.


Plus Much More!

Our affordable solution will help you sell your ad space and grow your revenue. By providing and easy to use system for your advertisers to check their stats and set rotation rules, your advertisers will be more willing to purchase your ad space.


Developed Using ASP.NET

Absolute Banner Manager .NET has been ported to support Microsoft's latest and most powerful web technology ASP.NET When combined with SQL Server (or its Express Edition), will deliver the best scalability and reliability ever!. We were extremely pleased with the results of using the application under the new .NET framework. It just runs faster and better than ever!

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System Requirements

Absolute Banner Manager .NET is a web based application and requires a Microsoft Windows based web server to host the software and a web browser to use it. This application has been developed using ASP.NET technology.

Web server

Absolute Banner Manager .NET has been developed to run exclusively on web sites hosted on Windows Servers with support for the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework.
No other Platforms are supported.


Absolute Banner Manager .NET has been developed to run exclusively with SQL Server 2000 databases or higher. If you don't have SQL Server 2000, you can use MSDE 2000 which is a scaled down version of SQL Server 2000 and is freely distributed with the .NET Framework (please make sure that you have access to this database if you want to use it) .

Web Browser

Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher on a windows based PC is required for the system administration and reports generation.

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