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Absolute Control Panel XE

Log into all your web applications from a single administration interface



System Requirements

Absolute Control Panel is a web based application and requires a Microsoft Windows based web server to host the application and a web browser to use it. This application has been developed using ASP (Active Server Pages) technology.

Web server

Absolute Control Panel has been developed to run exclusively on web sites hosted on Windows Servers with support for ASP
No other platforms are supported


Absolute Control Panel supports both Microsoft Access and SQL Server 7 / 2000. You don't need to own a license of MS Access in order to use the access database.


No Components Are Required.

Web Browser

Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher on a windows based PC is required for the system administration.


Frequently Asked Questions :


1. Will this application run on a shared web hosting environment?

Yes, as long as the system requirements are met. Please make sure that your site is hosted on a Windows based server with support for ASP Scripts.


2. Does this application require any DLLs to be installed on the server?

There are no DLLs to install on the web server. The full applications has been developed using only ASP (Active Server Pages) Script.


3. How easy is the installation process?

It is very simple and is explained in detail in the application's user manual. Basically all you need to do is to unzip and upload some files to the web server (BY FTP) and update the database connection string. All the application can be deployed by FTP.


4. Does it support MySQL or Linux?

This application has been developed to run exclusively on Microsoft Windows servers using Microsoft Access or SQL Server as the database. No other platforms are supported.


5. How scalable is this product, will it work on a high traffic site?

SQL Server is recommended as the database backend for web sites with medium to high traffic levels.


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