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Absolute FAQ Manager .NET

FAQ Manager and Knowledge Base Software in ASP.NET The Customer Support Software for Maintaining Online FAQs


Features and System Requirements

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Absolute FAQ Manager is a fully automated knowledge base software script that delivers a complete FAQs database for your customers that they can browse at any time from anywhere to get the answers they need when they need them.

They just browse your site and at the moment they have a question, they can get an instant answer or submit their inquiry to your support staff.

This is not a hosted solution!

Absolute FAQ Manager runs under your own domain and site. You don't have to pay any recurring fees or rely on a 3rd party company to maintain your knowledge base on your site!

This powerful system doesn't require any additional software, no monthly payments or expensive programming and comes packed with everything you need to provide a fully accesible and easy to use Knowledge base and customer support system on your web site.


Absolute FAQ Manager Features List

Web 2.0-like and AJAX-based features

Take advantage of new design trends and AJAX technology, which improves the system usability and the overall user experience.

Unlimited Topics and Questions

Create unlimited topics to categorize your FAQs and articles. Each topic can have an unlimited number of questions and articles. Plus, The Absolute FAQ Manager .NET now supports 2 level-deep topics : topics and subtopics!

Unlimited Users and Administrators

Get your whole staff to work with the application. You can have any number of users assigned to any number of topics to feed the system with articles and answer questions.

Fully Automated Knowledge Base

New questions can be automatically added to your Knowledge base thus creating a dynamic and ever evolving knowledge base for you and your customers!. Your Customer Support will be on auto-pilot as you only have to answer a question once and it will become available to the next customer with a similar inquiry.

Tags cloud

Tag your FAQs for easy indexing and browsing.

Social bookmarking features

Absolute FAQ Manager comes ready to run with social bookmarking so that your FAQs and articles can be shared on sites like DIGG and Del.icio.us


Set up an index of terms to be browsed like a glossary.

Password Protected Topics

You can password protect your topics. Only users knowing the topics password, will have access to the topic FAQs

Customizable Inline FAQ Display

Your customers don't have to leave your site to get answers to their questions. Your FAQ and Knowledge Base opens in a pop-up that aligns to one side of the screen providing Inline Help. Your customers can follow instructions without going back and forth

Top Accessed and Recently Added Questions

When accessing your FAQs, your customers can get a complete list of the top most accessed questions and the most recently added.

Option to Send FAQ / Article by E-mail

Users can forward any article or FAQ by just filling the destinatary information

Add To Favorites

Your customers can easily create shortcuts to your FAQs and Knowledge Base Articles by clicking the "Add to Favorites" button for each FAQ.

Customer Comments and Ratings

Get direct feedback from your site visitors. Your customers can rate and comment on your FAQs. Use this information to improve your knowledge base and detect new trends and business oportunities.

RSS Support

XML Syndication is now everywhere. Absolute FAQ Manager allows your to easily syndicate your content by just selecting an option. Your users will get your latest updates directly on their Newsreaders as they normally do with other content sources.

RSS Feed Generator tool

Create custom RSS Feeds to retrieve content from your knowledge based on topic and keywords.

Noise Words Filter

Set which common words should be ignored from your searches to improve the system performance.

Question Submission and Personalized answers

If a customer does not find an answer to his question in the existing knowledge base, they can submit their question and receive a personalized response from your team by e-mail.

Topic Reassigments

If a user submited question does not seem to fit the selected category, it can be easily reassigned. Users assigned to the selected topics will receive a notification by e-mail so that they can work on the question and provide an appropiate answer.

Automatic E-mail Notifications

Your system users can be automatically notified when a new question is submitted through the system and your customers can also receive an automatic notification when an answer to their question is posted.

Start Screen and Dashboard

The start screen provides the system users with a quick overview of the system performance, how many questions are in the system, their status, top questions and users. Your users can immediately see what questions are waiting for an answer.

FAQ Code Generator

Easily generate codes to access your Topics and FAQs from your pages. You can use a text link or an image button which you can embed in a web page or e-mail it

Export Customers Info

You can easily get an Excel File with your customers information. This option is excellent for marketing and other tasks.

Powerful Internal Search

The system search option, lets you browse for FAQ using several options. Any FAQ can be located in seconds by just selecting the appropiate criteria.

Powerful Word-Like Editor

Absolute FAQ Manager comes packed with a state of the art HTML editor. With What-you-see-is-what-you-get capabilities, your users wil be able to easily post content and new articles to your system

Multimedia Content Support

Embed any type of content into your articles. Add videos and images, files or any other type of content

Internal Notes System

A forum-like notes system lets your users communicate with each other to update and maintain your FAQs and Knowledge Base Articles

Question Status

Set your question as Answered, Unanswered or pending, you have full control on your articles status.

Spell Checking Support

Absolute FAQ Manager provide spell checking support for your edited articles.

FAQ Description Tags & Keywords

Add META Data to your FAQs and Knowledge Base articles by adding keywords and descriptions.

Support for Related Links

Complement your articles by including links and URL to your articles.

Support for Attachments

Need to add documents and files to your FAQs?, no problem, Absolute FAQ Manager provides you with a file manager for adding attachments to your FAQs

Support for Related FAQs

Easily create links between your FAQs by relating your articles.

Reduce repetitive questions

By providing an easy to use and centralized FAQ and Knowledge base you can focus on your high value tasks rather than answering the same questions over and over again.

24/7 Availability

Once your Absolute FAQ Manager is ready, answers from your company will be available for your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not just during normal business hours.

Ajax Based Suggestion Fields

By adding a couple of lines of Javascript, you can have the Absolute FAQ Manager monitor a text based field and suggest articles / FAQs inline!

Search Boxes

Add search boxes to your Knowledge Base from any page you need it. Your users just have to type in their question to open the Knowledge Base and get answers!

Easy installation and Integration

By pasting a single line of HTML code, your FAQ will be immediately available on your site.

Automatic FAQ Ranking

Your FAQs are automatically ranked based on customers frequency of viewing. Your most viewed FAQs will be readily available for your customers.

Customize it with the tools you already know!

You don't have to rely on expensive tools like Visual Studio if you need to customize the software. Our exclusive and patent pending XLA architecture ensures that the application can be fully customized using your favorite HTML and web-pages editor. Use Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression, APTANA, anything!

FireFox support

Use IE7 or FireFox to manage your system online!


And Much More!

Your Absolute FAQ Manager knowledge base will act as the first line of support for your customer's inquiries and questions. It will reduce their need for calling or e-amiling your support staff and service desk thus reducing your support costs, increasing your customers' statisfaction and your sales!.


And it Keeps Evolving!

As more questions and articles are added to the Absolute FAQ Manager it will become more effective. When one of your customers can't find an answer to their question, they can just submit it to your support staff which later can add it to the Knowledge base and ensure that they next customer with a similar question, finds an appropiate answer!!


System Requirements

This is a web based application. That means that it is not the regular program that you install on Windows. But it's not difficult to install at all.

As a web based application, it requires a web server and a browser to operate. It is a program which you host or upload into your web server and you operate using your web browser.

Here are the technical details that guarantee that this application will work as expected :

Web server

Make sure that your site is hosted in a Windows Based Server and supports ASP .NET

This is a web based application and therefore requires a web server to operate. It has been developed to run exclusively on web sites hosted on Windows based Servers with support for the Microsoft .NET Framework.


Make sure that your web host has a SQL Server database for you.

This application l stores its information in a database. This program has been developed to run exclusively with SQL Server 2000 / 2005 or higher databases. If you don't have SQL Server , you can use MSDE which is a scaled down version of SQL Server or SQL Server Express both free from Microsoft's web site.

Web Browser

In order to operate this web application, you will need a web browser. This application works with Internet Explorer and FireFox which are the top browsers of the market.

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