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Absolute Form Processor's powerful and unique approach, makes it the perfect solution for your form management needs. Whether you have an HTML form on your site from where you want to collect customer information and process it by forwarding it by e-mail, save it to a database, validate it, upload a file or set an autoresponse, the Absolute Form Processor is the only tool you'll need.

Works with Any Web Based Form!

Instead of learning a new tool, you create your own forms using your favorite HTML editor and then just point them to the form processor where you define how the submission should be handled. The system even support multi-page forms and file uploading!

Full Form Processing Control!

Please note that this is not a hosted solution, Absolute Form Processor runs under your own domain and site. You don't have to pay any recurring fees or rely on a 3rd party company to maintain process and collect data from your forms.

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Absolute Form Processor XE Absolute Form Processor .NET V4.0



Database Support

MS Access, SQL Server 7/ 2000 SQL Server 2000 or Higher, SQL Server Express 2005

Not a hosted solution

You receive the complete application scripts to install on your own site under your own domain!

An application with many uses

Use it to process surveys, order forms, registration forms, reservation forms, sweepstakes, contact forms and anything else where you need to gather customer feedback.

ASP.NET Technology

Developed using ASP.NET technology and SQL Server Stored procedures for the best scalability and reliability. Microsoft’s .NET ensures the best scalability and reliability for a web based application.


Manage all your web forms from a single location

The Absolute Form Processor has been designed to process any web based form that is submitted to it (binary fields are not supported).

Improved User Interface

User-friendly, web-based interface to administer the system from anywhere with web access. No matter if you’re out of the office, on a business trip or at home, all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection. Even newcomers and non-technical users should have no problem using the application.


Multiple user support

Get the whole staff to work with the application, easily define which users have access to which forms’ collected data.

E-mail Notifications

You can set to have the form results e-mailed to any number of users, use one or multiple e-mail addresses or even define the forms destinatary from the submitted form.


You can optionally send auto responses to the users once upon form completion, define the e-mail message to be sent and the form field collecting the user address and your auto response will be ready, you can even send a copy of the collected data to the user.

Custom HTML Based reports and messages

Your e-mails and auto-responses can be created in HTML for impressive displays.


Value Parsing into reports and messages

You can use ANY field value collected from your forms and parse it directly into the system reports and autoresponses. By just referencing the field enclosed within $$ $$ (I.E : Hello $$name$$) the system will now that the field should be parsed directly into the message.


Default Values

Now you can even define if a field which is submitted empty or blank, should get a default value.


File Uploading

You can now accept files to be uploaded from your forms.


Processing rules

By using several simple rules, you can easily define how the application should handle the submitted data.

Form validation

By adding a couple of lines of code you can have the form validated on the client side before being submitted, plus it also validates on the server side. Absolute Form Processor can validate your form’s collected e-mails, texts, numbers and even credit card numbers!

Form Completion Events

Once a forms is submitted and processed, you can have the application display a thank you message to the user or redirect him to another page.

Hide / Encrypt fields

If your form contains sensitive information, you can now hide it and even encrypt it. A password is required to view the encrypted information.

Save Collected Data to Database

You can have your forms’ submitted data saved into the Absolute Form Processor’s database for later retrieval.

Save to External database

If you want the collected data to be submitted to multiple databases, you can just specify a query and the system will execute it with the collected data.


Filterable Fields

Define fields which can act as filters when performing searches within the application.


Support for multi-page forms

Simply tell the application that it should process a form splitted into multiple pages and set your forms to follow the different URLs and you will be set.


SPAM Prevention and Form CAPTCHA

Absolute Form Processor provides tools for blocking automated messages and spamming.


IP Blocking

Block IPs from submitting through your forms


Ignore Blank and Zero values Submissions

You can set the app to ignore any fields sent blank


Accept Unique Submissions

Set if your forms should accept one or multiple submissions from the same person, this is useful for creating online contests or surveys.

Expiration Dates

Want to have your form collect data until a specific date?, quickly define the expiration date for a form, and the application will stop collecting data from it one the expiration date is reached.


Browse the collected data

Your users can easily browse the submitted data by just selecting the form to be browsed and providing some search criteria.

Export Results

You can have your collected data exported as HTML, Excel and Tab Delimited Text, you can also set which fields to export. Export your collected data for further analysis on your own tools.

Incredible Price :

You'll get a fantastic price for an incredibly powerful application, plus you get XIGLA SOFTWARE's Full support  and much more!!!

Plus much more!

Absolute Form Processor will become your centralized form collection and validation tool.

Use your Favorite Form Designer Tool

By allowing you to create your forms in your favorite HTML editor, you don't have to learn another tool and you can create the forms with any layout you want thus matching your site's look and feel. Once you have created your form in the way YOU WANT, You just point it to the Absolute Form Processor and tell the application how to process the submitted data.

An application that pays by itself

Forget about the hazzle of creating validation routines and form mailers. No matter what kind of data you need to collect, The Absolute Form Processor will be able to process all your HTML forms in the way you set it to do!

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System Requirements

Absolute Form Processor .NET is a web based application which requires a Microsoft Windows based web server to host the program and a web browser to use it. This application has been developed using ASP.NET technology.

Web server

Absolute Form Processor .NET has been developed to run exclusively on web sites hosted on Windows Servers with support for the Microsoft .NET Framework.
No other Platforms are supported.


Absolute Form Processor .NET has been developed to run exclusively with SQL Server. If you don't have SQL Server, you can use SQL Server Express which is a scaled down version of SQL Server freely distributed with the .NET Framework (please make sure that you have access to this database if you want to use it) .

Web Browser

Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher on a windows based PC is required for the system administration.


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