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Article Manager and News Publishing Software in ASP.NET

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How Does It Work

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Absolute News Manager is zone based. It uses zones to display your headlines on your pages. Also, a zone behaves as a category to classify your content.

Absolute News Manager supports 2 level zones (zones and subzones) and you can have as many zones as sections on your site (music, news, sports, anything).


How zones work

When you create a zone or subzone, Absolute News Manager provides you with a code which you paste on your pages to display your news and articles.


Sample zone code :
<script src="http://www.domain.com/newsmanager/xlaabsolutenm.aspx?z=1" type="text/javascript"></script>

Once this code is pasted on a table cell in your pages, it will display the active headlines assigned to that zone.

Sample Headlines
Xbox hard drive fate
March 5, 2004
CNET News.com
M-Systems, Microsoft's new hardware partner for the Xbox, has confirmed that the next version of the game console will not have a hard drive.
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Intel envisions TiVo-like wireless PCs
March 3, 2004
CNET News.com
Intel wants desktop PCs to double up as network hubs and video recorders, a move that could make life tough for the companies that produce those standalone products.
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This sample shows how your headlines can be shown on your pages. Only one line of code is needed!.

As Simple As That!

Your site visitors just have to click on any of the headlines to get to the article which will be parsed using the template that you have assigned to your zone.

Absolute News Manager provides you absolute control over how your zones look, including fonts, colors, CSS Styles, and more!, You can even use your own HTML elements and layout formating.


Only one line of code

The headlines to the right are served to this page from our Absolute News Manager demo. Only one line of code was pasted on this page to display that content.

Absolute News Manager shows your latest articles inside the cell where you place the zone code. Once a user clicks on a headline link, the full article is loaded using the zone's assigned template file, with the exact look and feel that you want!


Working with the application

Working with Absolute News Manager is so easy that even non technical users will be able to create rich content articles without knowing any HTML and FTP!

Create Your Template Files

Using your favorite HTML Editor and the special text tags, create as many templates as you need to give your content any style that you want, thus giving your articles the same look and feel of your site!

Take a look at template file # 1 »
Take a look at template file # 2 »

You can have as many templates as you want!

Absolute News Manager comes with over a dozen of templates.
You can even create your own!

Define your zones and register your publishers and editors

Define the sections on your site where you want your headlines to be displayed. Define as many headline zones as you want. Use them to classify your content, Music News, Sports News, Gossips, anything!. Copy and paste their code into the pages where you want the headlines to appear. Then, add as many publishers as you need, assign them passwords and zones to work.

No built in limits as to the number of articles, zones and publishers!

Publish your content and syndicate !

Let your publishers log into the system to provide new articles and content to your site, they type the headline, summary, date, source and provide the full content. They can also attach any multimedia files they want to further enhance the articles (pictures, audio, video, any kind of file) or add related articles and set the release date, Absolute News Manager will do the rest!

It takes just a line of code to serve your content anywhere!

Multiple Plugins Included!

Absolute News Manager supports Plug-Ins to further enhance the application. Add new functionality by letting your users rate, comment and send your articles to other users, use News Tickers to display your news, Plus Much More.

Absolute News Manager comes with over a dozen of plugins for sending articles by e-mail, taking article submissions, accepting comments, rating your articles, and more!

Implement a Search Engine with just 3 lines of code

By just adding a search box on your pages like the one below you'll have a full search engine for your visitors to browse and check your Absolute News Manager articles:

And There's More!

Absolute News Manager is so feature rich that you won't believe it.
Go now and check our online demo and see for yourself how you can be adding news, content and articles to your web site in a matter of minutes!



We've been using Absolute News Manager for a few years. With it, we have increased our site traffic by over 1200% within a year's time. We've also been able to effortlessly take advantage of new technologies such as RSS and video.  Well done!
Jay Hook


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