XIGLA Software

Web Based Software and ASP.NET Development


XIGLA.TVOur very own web based TV Channel, providing online tutorials and advice thorugh videos on how to use our software products. It was built using our very own Absolute Video Channel application.


MANDALO.NETOur own File Send and FTP alternative online solution. E-mail attachments have always been a problem. With Mandalo.NET we can be sure that our digital content will get delivered! It was built using our Very Own Absolute File Send Software.


WIMBIS.COMSo, you have a very long URL which you need to share, use in a document, or paste into an e-mail without breaking it? Wimbis.com will modify it into a very short one which you can indeed use! And best of all, IT IS FREE!


JAVXSWhen using AJAX, many developers need to encode large amounts of content into Javascript JAVXS can do this with just a click. It is also useful if you want to embed Flash or Active content without requiring the user to double click on the content to activate it. It was built using our unique Javascript inject technology and is Completely FREE!


SQLRUNSQLRUN.com lets you remotely execute and setup your SQL Scripts against your SQL Server database without having to download a SQL Manager or the understanding how SQL Server works.


LinkedHotLinkedHot is a free Webmaster tool for checking a web site link popularity among well known social sites. Unlike most common link popularity web sites, LinkedHot uses the links from some of the most well-known web 2.0 social sites. A SEO tool which you can use for free!


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