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How Does It Work

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These instructions correspond to the documentation file included in your ShoutBox! download.

Installing and configuring ShoutBox! is extremely easy, just follow the instructions and your new chat gadget will be up and running in less than 5 minutes:

  • Extract the contents of shoutbox.zip to a folder named 'shoutbox'

  • With a text editor (like notepad) open the file named 'configdata.asp'
    This file holds all the ShoutBox! configuration settings. You must modify the variables on this file to make ShoutBox! part of your site:

    • title : The title of your site.
      I.E : title="ShoutBox!"

    • maxlines : Max number of messages displayed at a time on the ShoutBox!
      I.E : maxlines=25

    • maxlength : Max. Number of characters allowed per message.
      I.E : maxlength=255

    • toptobottom : can be either true or false. The order of the messages. If false, the last message will be displayed at the bottom, if true, the last message will be displayed at the top of the ShoutBox!
      I.E : toptobottom=false

    • autolink : automatically convert URLs and E-mail addresses to links.
      I.E : autolink=true

    • refreshrate : time rate to refresh the messages (in seconds)
      I.E : refreshrate=3

    • emoticons : either true or false. Transform emoticons into smileys
      I.E : emoticons=true

    • wordfilter : either true or false. Activate bad word filter.
      I.E : wordfilter=true

    • badwords : words to be filtered (if wordfilter=true). Comma separated.
      I.E : badwords="pig,butt,fool"

    • intropage : can be either true or false. Display a splash screen before login into the chat. (Intropage.asp)
      I.E : intropage=true

    • datestamp : can be true or false. Adds a timestamp to the messages
      I.E: datestamp=true

    • addline : either true or false. Inserts a line to separate each message
      I.E : addline=true

  • Create a folder on your site named 'shoutbox' and upload the contents of your local 'shoutbox' to the 'shoutbox' folder on the server.

  • Add the following line of code to each page on your site where you want to enable your ShoutBox!.
    Use the appropriate URL path to point to the shoutbox.asp file on your site's 'shoutbox' folder :

    <iframe width="100%" height="200" frameborder="0" scrolling="No" marginheight="0" src="http://www.yoursite.com/shoutbox/shoutbox.asp"></iframe>
    You can change the height setting to set the height of the ShoutBox!
    By using width=100% the ShoutBox! will resize to the full width of the cell where this code is placed.
    Make sure to change the path to the shoutbox.asp file on your site :

    The ShoutBox! must be referenced with the same domain of the site where it is installed.
    For example : if the site is http://www.site.com, you cannot reference to the ShoutBox as http://site.com/shoutbox.asp as http://site.com and http://www.site.com are considered different by the browser.

  • To Configure the look and feel of your ShoutBox!, you'll need to edit the Styles.css file.

  • To change the Intro page, edit the intropage.asp file with your favorite HTML editor.


That's It!, now your visitors can talk and hold discussion with each other while surfing your site!

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