SQLRUN.com is a web based free service that lets you remotely execute SQL Scripts against your SQL Server database. Many web based application and software products (like the ones provided by XIGLA SOFTWARE) require you to run a SQL Script against a SQL Server database in order to properly work. SQLRUN lets you do this without having to download a SQL Manager or understanding how SQL Server works.



To do this, you need your SQL Server access information or the database connection string and the SQL Script that you want to execute.


Connection String?

A database connection String is the set of credentials to access your SQL Server database (Access info usually comprised of your SQL Server name or IP address, database name, username and password). This information should be obtained from your hosting provider just by asking them your SQL Server database access info or database connection string.

So think, of a connection string as a magical sentence to get connected and interact with your SQL Server database.


How does a connection string look like?

It is something like :



SQL Server Database?

SQLRUN.com can ONLY run SQL Scripts for SQL Server databases

SQL Server or MS SQL Server is Microsoft's Relational Database Server.
It is a popular database server which is widely used with web based software applications. Most Windows based hosting companies offer a SQL Server database as a companion service with their hosting packages for users wanting to use such a database backend.


SQL Script ?

A SQL Script is a collection of statements written using Structured Query Language (SQL) which is a computer language used to create, retrieve, update and delete data from a relational database like SQL Server.


Is MySQL the same as MS SQL ?

MySQL is a completely different relational database. MS SQL means Microsoft SQL Server. They are both different.

SQLRUN was designed to work with SQL Server databases only.


Who is behind SQLRUN and how to get in contact ?

As SQLRUN.COM is a XIGLA SOFTWARE service, you can get more information by using XIGLA SOFTWARE's Contact Form Here

To Conclude...

SQLRUN was developed as an online utility for customers of XIGLA SOFTWARE's web based software applications who needed an easy to use and free way to set up their SQL Server databases. However, we found that many users were taking advantage from it for setting up their own SQL Scripts.

While the standard way of setting up SQL Scripts is through a SQL Management tool, SQLRUN offers an alternative way to do this without the hassle or technical knowledge required by such applications.