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Absolute Web Calendar .NET 1.2

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Features and System Requirements

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Absolute Web Calendar provides you with a complete web calendar and events management solution specially designed to allow you to publish all your activities, ongoing plans, special occasions and events.

Absolute Web Calendar comes ready to run , out of the box.
Just check the following features built-in to the application

Absolute Web Calendar Features List

It is not a hosted solution!

Absolute Web Calendar runs on your own server under your own domain. You don’t depend on any third party to manage your system online, and you don't need to pay recurring fees.

Uses the latest web technology

Developed using ASP.NET technology and SQL Server stored procedures for the best scalability and reliability. Microsoft’s .NET ensures the best scalability and reliability for a web-based application.

Intuitive and Friendly User Interface

Easy-to-use HTML-based interface to let you administer the application from anywhere in the world. You only need web access!

Complete out-of-the-box Web Calendar and Events Manager Site

You can use Absolute Web Calendar as an extension of your web site or as the site itself!
Make it the access point on your web site for posting your online events now!

Easy to customize.

You can give any look & feel to your public front end by editing a single CSS file.

Customize it with the tools you already know!

You don't have to rely on expensive tools like Visual Studio if you need to customize the software. Our exclusive and patent pending XLA architecture ensures that the application can be fully customized using your favorite HTML and web-pages editor. Use Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression, APTANA, anything!

Unlimited Calendars and Events.

There are no built-in limits as to the number of calendars and events that you can set up. Create as many as you need and add as many events to each as you want.

Flash based calendar widget.

Syndicate your events and your calendar through a fully customizable Flash widget that can be embedded on any site to display your events.

Public Front End

Users can browse your online events through the public side of the application. They can get detailed information about each event, download files, check photos and even request additional information.

Public Events Submission

Optionally allow users to post and submit events, you can have these automatically approved or require their verification online.

Social bookmarking features

Absolute Web Calendar comes ready to run with social bookmarking so that your events can be shared on sites like DIGG and Del.icio.us, Facebook and Twitter are also supported.

Event Thumbnails

You can include a thumbnail along with each of your events to enhance their presentation.

HTML content support

Using a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor, you can now include HTML content along with your events. Even users with no knowledge of HTML will be able to provide content and post events.

Logo Upload Option

This is a complete out-of-the-box site which you can run with NO MODIFICATIONs at all. The system even provide you with an option to upload and place your logo in the front page.

Support for automatic notifications

Let your editors know when an event has been posted.

Password-protected login security

So only your authorized users will be able to edit and post events.

Event Photos.

Upload photos to enhance your events listing, complete galleries can be included along with your events.

Include Files and Brochures.

Upload any files that you may want to include along with your events information.

Completely Content Focused.

Absolute Web Calendar is highly content-focused. A praised feature which we are sure that your visitors and system users will thank.

Password Reminder.

Your users can easily retrieve their passwords in case of forgetting them.

Banner Ad Support Included!

Absolute Web Calendar comes ready to run with Google Adsense, Absolute Banner Manager or any other banner management system! Easily add your Google Ad sense or Absolute Banner Manager code to display your banner ads on your web calendar site. You can display ads in your front page or use this feature to display any custom content that you may need.

Add External Widgets and Badges

This is a most cool feature!, Absolute Web Calendar comes ready to run with Absolute Banner Manager, Google Ads and more you can also use widgets like Jaiku, Twitter, content from News Manager or Content Rotator, etc.

File Extensions Check

You can optionally define what type of files can be uploaded to increase security.

Firefox And Google Chrome support

Use Internet Explorer or Firefox to upload, storage and send your files through Absolute File Send!


And Much More!
Include And Share Your Calendars with a Simple code

By pasting a simple code on your pages, Absolute Web Calendar will serve your calendars along with their assigned events on any page!. Absolute Web Calendar features a flash based calendar widget which is totally customizable. You can have any number of calendars with any number of events. You can even set it to display vertically or horizontally!

By pasting code like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="swfobject.js"></script>
<div id="awccalendar1"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var so = new SWFObject("awc.swf", "awccalendar1", "700", "180", "8", "#ffffff"); so.addVariable('calendarid', '1');

Absolute Web Calendar will display a Flash Based Calendar Like This :


You Can Have ANY number of Calendars, Events and Users!
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System Requirements

This is a web based application. That means that it is not the regular program that you install on Windows. But it's not difficult to install at all.

As a web based application, it requires a web server and a browser to operate. It is a program which you host or upload into your web server and you operate it using your favorite web browser like Internet Explorer or FireFox.

Here are the technical details that guarantee that this application will work as expected :

Web server

Make sure that your site is hosted in a Windows Based Server and supports .NET 2.0

This is a web based application and therefore requires a web server to operate. It has been developed to run exclusively on web sites hosted on Windows based Servers with support for the Microsoft .NET Framework.


Make sure that your web host has a SQL Server database for you.

This application stores its information in a database. This program has been developed to run exclusively with SQL Server databases. If you don't have SQL Server database, you can use MSDE which is a scaled down version of SQL Server or use SQL Server Express both free from Microsoft's web site.

Web Browser

In order to operate this web application, you will need a web browser. This application works with Internet Explorer and FireFox which are the top browsers of the market.


Absolute Web Calendar Is your complete Tool for Events Posting and Events Management Online

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