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ShoutBox .NET

Online Chat Widget , Live Chat With A Twist!



Features and System Requirements

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It's A Chat Widget with a twist
ShoutBox! is a complete chat application that your visitors can use to interact with you and other visitors without having to leave your site. They can chat everywhere because your full site becomes the chat

Shoutbox! features


.NET 4.0



Database Support

No Database Required

Chat across your entire web site

Your site visitors will be able to chat and hold online discussions across your entire site

Just one line of code needed

Just place one line of code on your pages and ShoutBox! will be running immediately.

No need of special controls

No special plug-ins, Java Applets, DLL's or ActiveX Controls needed to be installed on the server.

Smiles support

ShoutBox! recognizes several emoticons to enhance the users chat experience.

Automatic Linking of URL's

Type an e-mail or URL into the ShoutBox! and it will be automatically linked.

Bad Word Filter

Set the words that you'd like to filter and ShoutBox! will automatically mask them.

Date Stamp option

A date stamp can be easily added to the messages.

Developed using ASP.NET

Completely developed using ASP.NET Technology

AJAX Technology

There are no page refreshes, plus our unique AJAX approach makes it extremely simple to retrieve the latest messages from the web server

Users don't need to download anything

They just have to visit your site and they'll be able to get in contact with others immediately!.

Option to Save Chat Transcriptions

Define a path in your web server and ShoutBox will keep a log of the chats held on your site

Security Options

Your ShoutBox is so cool that many sites will probably link to it. ShoutBox provides a security option to block external domains from doing that

No resource Intensive

Unlike most chat applications, ShoutBox! is less than 25Kb in size and requires nothing but an ASP.NET enabled site.

Easy Integration

You don't have to rely on expensive tools like Visual Studio if you need to customize the software. Our exclusive and patent pending XLA architecture ensures that the application can be fully customized using your favorite HTML and web-pages editor. Use Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression, APTANA, anything!


"I want My ShoutBox!"
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System Requirements

This is a web based application. it requires a web server and a browser to operate. It is a program which you host or upload into your web server and you operate it using your favorite web browser like Internet Explorer or FireFox.

Web server

Windows Based Server with support for ASP .NET


ShoutBox does not make use of any databases

Some Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will this application run on a shared web hosting environment?

Yes, as long as the system requirements are met. Please make sure that your site is hosted on a Windows based server with support for ASP.NET Scripts.

2. Does this application require any DLL's to be installed on the server?

.NET applications using DLL's can be fully deployed using FTP.
You don't need to access the server in order to register any DLL's.

3. How easy is the installation process?

It is very simple and is explained in detail in the application's instructions.
Basically all you need to do is to unzip and upload some files to the web server (BY FTP).
The whole application can be deployed by FTP.


ShoutBox is the Answer To Your Needs!

Set up a ShoutBox in your web site to provide support or deliver just plain fun chat among visitors. Stick it to your web forum to or Blog to for your online community. The ShoutBox can integrate really easy into any site. No complex installations or setups, just upload and run!

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