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Absolute Banner Manager XE

Web Based Banner Manager and Ad Tracking Software developed in classic ASP

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Banner Ad management software that delivers!

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Absolute Banner Manager is the most complete, robust and easy to use web based banner management and ad tracking software specially designed for webmasters who need a fast, scalable, reliable and flexible ad serving and management front-end.

So Powerful and Feature Rich...

With features like trackable rich-media delivery, independent client statistical area, comprehensive activities reporting, unlimited content creations and automatic ad code generation, Absolute Banner Manager simplifies your advertising tasks while maximizing your advertising revenues.


Top features and Benefits

What makes Absolute Banner Manager stand out of the crowd when it comes to choosing a banner management and ad tracking system for your site?, Aside from its ease to use and features, here are some of the top reasons why our product is your best choice for serving banner ads on your site :


Unlimited banners, zones and advertisers

There are no limitations built into the application. You can register as many advertisers, banners and zones as your database can handle.

Support for rich media ads

Absolute Banner Manager supports all kinds of banner ads. Use GIFs, JPEGs, Animated GIFs, Text ads, HTML banners, Flash banners, Java Applets, Rich Media banners, and 3rd party ads.

Client Stats and reports

Individual passwords allow each of your advertisers to log into the application to view their own advert stats using bar charts and reports in HTML and MS Excel Format.

Powerful ad tracking engine

Allow certain banners to appear only on certain parts of your pages. Absolute Banner Manager keeps track of exposures and click-thrus for each banner, as well as of the average total number of exposures per day.

An application that pays by itself

Most Advertisers are reluctant to purchase ad space unless you can provide them with an easy way to track their stats. Absolute Banner Manager provides detailed graphic charts and powerful reporting tools, plus more!

Plus Much More!

Developed using ASP (active Server Pages) Script, the Absolute Banner Manager is a powerful ad rotation system for administering your banner ads on your web site. It comes packed with every feature you need to sell your ad space and administer your banner ads online. Prices for similar applications range from US$3000 to US$10.000, Absolute Banner Manager provides all the powerful features at a very affordable price!

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