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Absolute Banner Manager .NET

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Introducing the Absolute Banner Manager.NET

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Absolute Banner Manager .NET is a feature-packed Ad Tracking and Banner Management software specially developed for the webmaster looking for a scalable, flexible and reliable Banner Ad Serving front-end tool.

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Absolute Banner Manager has been designed to meet all your banner serving, and online advertising needs. By supporting features like trackable rich media ads, an independent clients area, detailed reports, keywords support and even geographic targeting, the Absolute Banner Manager will greatly simplify your advertising tasks while maximizing your advertising revenues.

Top features and Benefits

What makes Absolute Banner Manager stand out of the crowd when it comes to choosing a Banner Management and Ad rotation system for your web site?, Aside from its ease to use being packed with dozens of options, here are 5 of the top reasons why our product is your best choice for all your online advertising and banner management needs.


Add any number of banners, zones and advertisers

There are no built in limitations into the application to the number of banner ads, zones and advertisers that you can register. Set as many as your server can handle.

Powerful Banner Tracking Engine Developed in ASP.NET 2.0

Absolute Banner Manager has been developed using Microsoft's next-generation .NET platform which provides the highest level of salability and reliability for web based systems today.

Independent advertiser's area

Your advertisers can log into the application 24 hours a day , 7 days a week to check their banner stats and generate their own reports.

Supports Flash based banners and rich media ads

Use Java applets, graphics, Flash, HTML or Text based ads. Absolute Banner Manager even comes with an HTML generator that creates the HTML required for such banners.

It is a product that will pay by itself

Absolute Banner Manager comes packed with everything you need to successfully start to sell your web site's ad space. It is an application that pays pay by itself !

Plus Much, Much More!

Absolute Banner Manager.NET is not a hosted solution. It runs on your own server and under your own domain and control. You do not have to rely on any 3rd party company to administer and control your banner ads on your site. Prices for similar solutions range from US$3000 to US$10.000 while Absolute Banner Manager.NET provides all those powerful features (and more) at a very affordable price!

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