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Absolute News Manager .NET 6.1

Article Manager and News Publishing Software in ASP.NET

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Features and Version Comparison

Absolute News Manager .NET is a powerful and feature packed article manager and new publishing system. It is so powerful yet so easy to use that your publishers will have no problem when publishing news and content to your web site.


Not A Hosted Article Management Software

The Absolute News Manager is not a hosted solution. It runs under your own site and domain. You don't have to pay any recurring fees or rely on 3rd party companies to maintain and publish your articles and content online. This powerful system doesn't require any additional software, there are no monthly fees or expensive programming and is entirely self contained.


System Features

Web 2.0-like and AJAX-based featuresNew

Take advantage of new design trends and AJAX technology, which improves the system usability and the overall user experience.

Built-In Online Installer New

Your application can be up and running in a matter of minutes just follow the simple steps and the online setup will take care of everything else!

Public Front End New

Absolute News Manager can be deployed as a full web site or as a plugin or extension of your existing domain.

Over 12 Templates Included! New

Absolute News Manager comes packed with over a dozen of templates to give your articles any look & feel you want. You can even create your own!

Article Comments Built-In Support New

Let users to comment your articles online. Comments are published inline.

RSS Feed Generator tool New

Create custom RSS Feeds to retrieve content from your knowledge based on topic and keywords.

Bad Words Filter New

Set which words should be censored when posting online comments.

Public Article Submission New

Anyone can become a publisher. By using a built-in plugin, anyone can submit articles for publishing on your site. You can also approve them before having them go live!

Password Protected Content New

You can set up custom password to your content zones so that only authorized users can check this content.

Enhanced Zone Customization New

You can define custom headers and footers for your headline zones.

Over a Dozen Plugins Included New

Absolute News Manager comes packed with more than a dozen of plugins for article rating, stats, text formating, searches, e-mail forwarding and more!

Zone Pagination New

You can paginate through multiple headlines in your zones. A highly requested feature which is finally available!

Ergonomic Control Panel New

User-friendly, web-based interface to author and administer the System from anywhere in the world. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection!

Enhanced Web Based Editor New

Absolute News Manager .NET comes with a Feature packed Web-based HTML editor, so publishers will be able to provide rich content without having to know HTML or FTP.

Fully Template driven

Create your own templates using your favorite HTML editor and use some special (and very easy) text tags to define the layout of your articles to exactly match the look and feel of your site. There is no limit on the number of Templates you can create.

Multimedia Support

You can attach images, files, documents, audio and video to fully enhance your articles with state-of-the-art multimedia features.

Social bookmarking features New

Absolute News Manager comes ready to run with social bookmarking so that your articles can be shared on sites like DIGG and Del.icio.us

Supports ASP.NET Templates

Use the latest technology to present your articles online. Add dynamic includes and ASP code to your articles by using ASP templates.

3 User levels supported

No limits on the number of publishers, editors and administrators you can have. In order to fully administer and publish your vision, register as many publishers and administrators as your server can support!

Content Schedule

Articles can be scheduled to appear and disappear at a future date by scheduling Start and Ending Dates.

Zone based

Zones are the places on your site where you want your headlines to appear, they behave as categories to let you classify your content. The Absolute News Manager supports 2 level zones: zones and subzones.

Option to inherit settings from Parent Zones

Set a main zone and any number of subzones. Any change made to the main zone will be reflected to all its subzones.

Support for publisher’s photo and signature

Give a personal touch to your content by including your publishers photos and small bio.

Support for featured articles

Set which articles should be set as featured and appear first in your zones.

Support for multi-page articles

Your content can be broken into any number of pages.

Support for keywords and description

Add additional meta-data to describe your content.

Improved Article Preview

Easily preview how your content will be displayed using your assigned zone templates.

Editor review

Option to have system editors review all articles before publishing.

Support for automatic notifications

Let your editors know when an article has been posted or modified.


Automatic archiving of articles after expiration date. You can also access these archive and easily browse it from the application front-end

Article Purging

If you prefer, you can have the system regularly purge your articles from the database.

Built-in Cache

Boost your system performance by using the built-in cache system to deliver your articles and content.

Syndication protection New

Protect your content and bandwidth by selecting the URLs that have permission to display your headlines.

Cross-referenced/related articles

Define articles related to other articles. Keep your users lingering your site.

Enhanced Search Engine

Powerful keyword based search engine system for easily browsing your articles and content. You can also deploy a public search interface for your articles and news with just three lines of HTML code and let your site visitors browse your content.

Display your headlines anywhere with just one line of code

By pasting a single line of code, Absolute News Manager will display and syndicate your headlines to any page you want.

Add External widgets

Absolute News Manager will let you add up to five custom widgets to your Front End . Use it to display content from Absolute Content Rotator, banners from Absolute Banner Manager, a support button or even external widgets like Twitter or Jaiku.

Printable Version

Allow users to easily get a printable version of your articles or have the system send them by e-mail.

RSS News feed syndication New

Easily syndicate your headlines to sites which support RSS XML News feeds. You can also syndicate independent feeds per zone.

Zone Code Generator

Easily generate different layouts for your zones.

CSS Support

Define independent styles for each element on your zones (headline, date, source, etc)

Advanced Zone Layout and Formatting New

Define how each of your headlines should look on your zones, add any HTML elements that you need.

Enhanced Security New

Easily set what content your publishers and editors can have access to by just enabling an option.

Spell Checker

The built-in HTML Editor comes with support for IE Spell thus now you can spell check your HTML articles before publishing them.

Flash , Video and Audio Embedding Support

Embed Flash ,Video and Audio objects directly into your articles.

Absolute Banner Manager .NET Support New

Now you can insert ads from Absolute Banner Manager directly into your articles.

Zone Thumbnails New

Use default thumbnails on your zones to be used when no thumbnails are provided for your articles

Enhanced CSS Support

Use CSS Styles from your styles sheet directly into the edition of your articles. The HTML editor provides everything you need to easily access your current styles

Customize it with the tools you already know! New

You don't have to rely on expensive tools like Visual Studio if you need to customize the software. Our exclusive and patent pending XLA architecture ensures that the application can be fully customized using your favorite HTML and web-pages editor. Use Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression, APTANA, anything!

FireFox support. New

Use IE or FireFox to manage your system online!


Plus Much More!

Absolute News Manager comes packed with everything you need to publish and administer your content and articles online. It is the perfect solution for your content management and news publishing needs.

This is not a hosted solution, Absolute News Manager runs under your own site and domain, It is also entirely web based, you don't need to install any 3rd party software on your PC to work with the system and administer your web content online.

System Requirements

This is a web based application which means that it is not the regular program that you install on Windows. But it's not difficult to install at all.

As a web based application, it requires a web server and a browser to operate. It is a program which you host or upload into your web server and you operate using your web browser.

Here are the technical details that guarantee that this application will work as expected :

Web server

Make sure that your site is hosted in a Windows Based Server and supports ASP .NET

This is a web based application and therefore requires a web server to operate. It has been developed to run exclusively on web sites hosted on Windows based Servers with support for the Microsoft .NET Framework.


Make sure that your web host has a SQL Server database for you.

This application l stores its information in a database. This program has been developed to run exclusively with a SQL Server databases (SQL Server 2000 and higher). If you don't have SQL Server, you can use SQL Server Express which is a scaled down version and is free from Microsoft's web site.

Web Browser

In order to operate this web application, you will need a web browser. This application works with Internet Explorer 6+ and FireFox which are the top browsers of the market.

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