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How Does It Work

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Absolute Poll Manager uses zones to display and rotate your polls. A Zone, is similar to a category. Your polls are assigned to zones according to their topic and theme and you can have as many zones as needed on your site.

How zones work

When you create a zone, Absolute Poll Manager provides you with a code which you paste on your pages to display your polls and surveys.

Sample poll zone code

<script src="http://www.domain.com/polls/xlaabsolute.asp?z=1" type="text/javascript"></script>

Once this code (one line of code) is pasted on a table cell in your pages, it will rotate and display any polls assigned to it.

The polls are shown inside the cell where you paste the zone code. They resize to the full width of the cell where the code is pasted. You can assign fonts, colors or CSS classes to the polls and give them any look you want.

Only one line of code

The poll to the right is being served to this page from our Absolute Poll Manager demo. Only one line of code was needed on this page to display that poll.

Working with the application

Absolute Poll Manager is so simply to use but yet so powerful that you'll be amazed. Its ergonomical interface makes it so easy to use that even non-technical users will have no problem working with it :

Set Your Zones

Select the parts of your site where you want to display your polls. Create a table with the look and feel of your site and paste its corresponding poll zone code inside (just one line of code).

Set Your Polls

Create a new poll, select the zones where you want the poll to be shown. Add as many questions and answers as you want, and schedule its release date. Absolute Poll Manager will rotate your polls across your zones allowing your visitors to answer questions related to the content displayed.

Get Results!

Log into the control panel and check your feedback, apply filters to the polls to identify patterns and answering trends, export them to MS Excel for further analysis. Unleash the full power of internet polls!

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