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Introducing Absolute Video Channel .NET

The Absolute Video Channel is a video sharing community web site and video uploading software and content management system specially designed for web sites in need of a powerful yet simple to use and affordable tool to share their videos online and create their own video based online community and video channel In no time and with no effort!

Forget about complex content management systems, Absolute Video Channel is an amazingly simple to use and featured packed out-of-the-box video gallery and video sharing system that runs in your own site, under your full control and domain! Check this video:


Serve and Encode Flash Videos (FLV!)

Use Absolute Video Channel to upload and stream videos in Flash format. By using its built-in video encoding, this application can create Flash based videos out of your media and stream it online in your very own video site!

Absolute Video Channel Features List

With the Absolute Video Channel, you will :

Gain Recognition : Inexpensively Improve your brand Identity

Have you noticed who are the companies that have jumped into the online video bandwagon?, Just think of the recognition that your business could gain from having its own YouTube Like Section. Absolute Video Channel is not hosted! it runs under your own domain and control.

Let it Market Your Site, products and services!

Market your site in a fun and revolutionary way by marketing your products and services through online videos. Something which only the most successful companies have discovered and started to implement!

Keep in touch with your customers and build loyalty!

Effortlessly keep in touch with your customers and prospects by starting your own video community site and video repository with user-provided content.

Sky-rocket your traffic!

No Kidding! - online videos bring more traffic than regular online content. Generate new sales-leads by catching your visitor's attention through your very own video galleries and Youtube Like Site.

Reduce your customer support!

What if you set up video based tutorials, product showcases and trouble-shooting guides online? Your customer can access them 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and the response would be as if they were interacting directly with your support staff. Guaranteed!


And that's not all...

Besides being a complete out-of-the-box video sharing script and video uploading site which runs under your complete domain and control and without having to rely on any third party company, here are some of top benefits and features that you will enjoy from using the Absolute Video Channel :


A completely customizable out-of-the-box video sharing Software

You will get a fully customizable and feature rich video gallery web site ready to serve your videos, boost your web traffic, help you increase your sales, become your video blog or your company's Internet Based TV Channel!

Public User Registrations and Video Uploads

Users can register by themselves and submit their videos. You can have their content to be automatically approved or checked by your publishing staff before going live!

Amazingly Simple to Use Interface

The amazingly simple user interface has been specially designed in order to make working with the application a breeze and trouble-free. We have taken advantage of the latest technologies (Ajax, ASP.NET and Web 2.0 design trends) to make sure you get full capability without complexity.

Play and serve videos in Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime or ANY other format

Do you want to serve videos in Flash?, What about Windows Media or Quicktime?. Absolute Video Channel supports all of those formats and more! You can even serve videos from external sources like YouTube and MetaCafe!

Social Share your videos , increase your traffic and boost your business through Widgets

With the touch of a button, users can social share your videos to sites like Digg and Del.Icio.us. Your content can be syndicated through RSS (an standard content syndication method) or even embed your videos and lists on other sites by just pasting a line of code.

Unlimited Publishers , Videos and categories

The software is licensed on a per site basis only and regardless of the number of publishers.So, you can have as many users to work with the program as you can handle, Define any number of categories and upload any number of videos. There are no limits!

Increase your revenue by selling ad space

Video sites are driving traffic and generating sales in unimagined ways. Why not take advantage of this avalanche and have your Google or Absolute Banner Manager ads to show up in your Video Site? just set your banner ad codes in your configuration screen and the Software will display your ads automatically.

Reach the Widest Audience : FireFox and IE Compatible

Absolute Video Channel can be fully administered using Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox, the top two browsers of the market!


And Much More!

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