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Absolute Live Support XE

Live Chat Cusomer Support Software Developed in Classic ASP



Online Demo

Try the System by Providing Support to Yourself
This is a limited version of the full program : you won't be able to edit or delete any information or request proactive chats to other users. This demo has been specially designed to let you provide support only to yourself.

Our staff does not monitor this demo. Your chat session will not be saved. A lot of windows will be shown as you'll be seeing both the customer chat, the live monitor and your chat window.

Log into the system

You'll be logged as the system administrator.
Make sure to check out the different sections and options of this powerful software.
Username : admin
Password : admin

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Launch The Live Monitor

After your log in, launch the live monitor by clicking the "MONITOR" button from the top menu.

Request Support to Yourself

Click the button below to request support to yourself. Watch the live monitor window for the alert of an incoming request.

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